Aston Martin – DB10

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Aston Martin; The luxury British Sports car brand.


The new Aston Martin DB10 will feature in the next Bond film, Spectre. It was designed and built specifically for the film where it will make it’s debut appearance.


The producer of 007, Sam Mendes, worked closely with Aston’s Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, to create a gadget loaded car that engineers carefully constructed for the film. Aston have stated in their press release that production has been limited to 10 cars, 2 of which will be used purely for stunt purposes such as high speed drifting. Components such as the body work and the interior has all been modified and altered just for the film.


The DB10 has shown consumers a glimpse of the new generation of Aston and what’s to come from them in the future. The DB10 will be on show at The Regent Street Motor Show on 30th October in London. Last year the show attracted over 350,000 spectators and the street is closed for the entire day. We’re sure that the new DB10 will be a center point for visitors!


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