Coachella Festival 2015

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The world famous Coachella festival is in its 16th year, located in California USA, and was set over two weekends in April 2015.

The festival features a wide variety of acts and performances, such as ACDC, which is their first performance in six years, to the likes of Drake, David Guetta, Florence and the Machine, George Ezra, Kasabian and many more. Kanye West also made a surprise guest appearance to top off the event.

Not only do the consecutive weekends attract thousands for the A list performances, but also the electric atmosphere, featuring art that is scattered around the festival, fairground rides, VIP packages and on site camping.

PAPILIO MERRACULOUSSome of the art work included the ‘Papilio Merraculous’, by the artist Poetic Kinetics, which was inspired by the way that nature transforms and changes. As well as helium filled air balloon chains, artist Robert Bose, dispersed across the venue, and a fascinating display named ‘Big Horn Palace’ by Shrine and Joel Dean Stockdill, festival goers were more than impressed.

Finally with many restaurants to enjoy, from California’s finest, to four course dining experiences and restaurant pop-ups, fans were spoilt for choice in the food and drink department, making this the ideal festival to attend.

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